Acknowledging your privilege

I haven't posted on this blog in over a year. In short, it's not necessarily been the best year of my life. But this post has been poking its way out of my brain for the past few weeks. The topic made me think of what I actually want to do in life. Am I… Continue reading Acknowledging your privilege

Book Reviews

‘What Goes Down’ by Natalie K Martin – Review

  Where do I start... When Jenny from Jenny in Neverland wrote on her twitter that she's looking for bloggers to review a book, I was immediately intrigued because, come on, you can never have enough books, and I'm always on a lookout for something new to read, especially if it also involves discovering a new… Continue reading ‘What Goes Down’ by Natalie K Martin – Review

Writing confessions

Did depression make me a better writer?

Writers are among the top 10 professions most prone to depression. This appears to make sense, in the light of what we know about many famous authors, and other artists. Mental illness and art seem to go hand in hand. To almost compliment one another. Some think that artists need to be a little bit insane to… Continue reading Did depression make me a better writer?

Writing Advice

Writing on holiday – yay or nay?

A few weeks ago Mr Arguably Honest and I went on a short holiday to Portugal. As most writers probably do, I took my writing tool (a.k.a. my laptop) with me. I mean, why wouldn't I take it. After all, I was going on holiday. I expected there would be plenty of time to write… Continue reading Writing on holiday – yay or nay?


#StoryOfMyLife: Lost in Oxford

It was December afternoon. Not late enough to be described as evening, but already dark. As it is in December. My first time visiting Oxford. It was before the days of having GoogleMaps on my phone, days before free roaming. The year was 2012. Feels like a lifetime ago now. I had a simple enough… Continue reading #StoryOfMyLife: Lost in Oxford