Businessmen are more trustworthy than politicians

So, I know probably 90% of the society will disagree with me on this one. Because, come on, Gaby, businessmen only want to do themselves good, and politicians are there to make the lives of common people better.

Do they, really?

Obviously, in their day to day work, businessmen do focus on making the most money possible for their business, rather than the average Joe and his wellbeing. To be honest, it makes perfect sense, because why would they care about someone they don’t know? Don’t tell me you spend your days wondering about how people across the country are doing. I, for one, don’t.

Politicians, on the other hand… They spend their lives, day in, day out, making sure every citizen of their country is happy, has enough to live on, the country is developing at a steady pace, and all that jazz. Or is it more true that, although they do occasionally pay some attention to the average Joe, they appear to be using a good portion of their energy trying to insult their opponents, or seize some portion of the power for themselves. Or disappear when times get hard, deciding they would rather have a holiday than deal with a mess they had created. Like Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage and David Cameron have in the recent weeks. They’re so engrossed in making sure you and I have good lives, that they decided to step down and… do nothing for us.

Of course, there are good politicians in the world. There are also bad businessmen. Like those who defraud or embezzle. Like the one in the Money Monster movie. But do you not have a feeling that the good politicians are the ones who work at a more local level? Those actually in touch with their community, who understand its needs. Ones whose positions maybe don’t grant them amazing power or offer big salaries. I feel like these might be the ones who actually fit the average person’s definition of the politician. But I digress.

With businessmen, I feel like there’s much less  of a divide. Whereas high level politicians will tell you anything they think you want to hear if only it means you will vote for them (like Nick Clegg when he promised he won’t increase university tuition fees. Then tripled them). Which, frankly, is quite petrifying. Every 4-5 years (depending on the election type and country we vote in), we fall for the same set of empty promises and outright lies.

Now, businessmen are rarely regarded as positive figures by an average person. They don’t promise them to change their lives. Actually, they don’t really promise them much, unless they’re selling some product. Yet I will still trust a businessman over a politician. Why? Because a businessman might bring me money in the process of getting money for themselves. A politician will promise to bring me more money, but most likely will only bring themselves more power.

vladimir kudinov.jpg
Photo by Vladimir Kudinov

One thing that people forget about when it come to big business is that, even if they pay some laughable taxes, percentage-wise (like 2%), it is still a hefty amount of money, which the government can later use to fulfil their promises. Or not. Those business will also give jobs to hundreds, or even thousands, of people, who will later pay income tax. Which, yet again, will fund the actions of the government.

We do need politicians. Someone needs to organise healthcare, armed forces, education. Someone needs to make sure there are new roads being built, new laws being passed, and that the businessmen are controlled.

But we also need businessmen. They ensure there are taxes coming into the treasury, and that the economy is moving forwards, not backwards. We need entrepreneurs, risk takers, who will innovate. They might fail sometimes. Or quite often, even. Through no fault of their own, or because they’re stupid. But they will make far fewer empty promises in the process. So yes, I do trust them more.

Now look around you. At your computer, phone, shoes, books. Whatever it is you have at the arm’s reach. And tell me which of those you have because of a decision that was made by a politician. And which ones are a result of some crazy person coming up with a crazy idea, like selling books at affordable prices (Penguin) or making computers usable and available to common person (Microsoft).

Because if you’re waiting for the politicians to make you happy, just because they said so, then, well, you’re kinda screwed.

6 thoughts on “Businessmen are more trustworthy than politicians”

  1. i’m guessing the point is that business people are truthful about their simple desire to make money whereas politicians try to make people happy but don’t.

    I’m not sure I agree completely because I think companies always tout that they want to improve our lives in some way. When in reality, they might just want money and don’t always put their actions to their words. The ones that are successful tend to have a good reputation and are just trusted because of that. Bad ones can just be seen as people who make money and aren’t lying about anything (at least by their actions).

    I also think that politicians just have a more complicated job in some important aspects. So they have to market themselves as the best person for the job (by giving promises) but then can’t just bilaterally perform them. so their promises are broken down, not always with bad intent, but broken down nonetheless. Causing us to call them untrustworthy.

    Interesting point of view, though. I’d have to think about it more… maybe lol


    1. I’d still rather not be told by politicians that they will change my life, when they well know they won’t. I definitely would respect them more, if they stood up and said “In the 4-5 years you’re electing us for, we can do this, this, this and that, we can start progress on x, but we won’t be able to make this happen fully.” etc. They definitely have a very complicated job, and different from even high-level businessmen.
      I agree that businessmen do sometimes promise us stuff they don’t deliver on, and I have touched upon that briefly. Truth be told, my point of view could stem from the fact that we have lower moral obligations towards businessmen.


  2. I see your point and I agree with you to some extent but i’ll have to disagree on the part where you said that you’d trust businessmen more than a politician. Here’s my point of view:

    Living in Switzerland, I agree with the part that a good politician is the one who knows the needs of their community. This is very much the case here because us, as a country, are divided into 26 regions, each governed by a group of parliament members. This is a direct Democracy system and we have it here.

    Now talking about businessmen. I was watching a movie and it was based on a true story where an employee working for a corporation ends up dying due to some sickness because the company didn’t take his case seriously and he ended up not being able to have the treatment due to financial issues. I don’t remember the name of the movie or how it all happened but the point is that in today’s world where you have multinational corporations, do you really think that Businessmen at corporate level know anything about their staff members sitting in the accounting who are typing out daily expenses of these people to be covered up by the company. These people are making 50k net salary. Do you think their CEO gives a dang about their needs or issues?

    I may have misunderstood your point but I’d just like to say that it depends, at the end of the day and that i wouldn’t generalize.


    1. I understand your point, and I agree, it is very on the case by case basis. I have to admit, I’m quite jealous of the system you have in Switzerland, I think if more countries adopted such solutions our trust in the politicians would increase exponentially.
      Oh, I’m not naive enough to think that the CEO cares about each and every of their employees. There are of course companies with better culture, and there are ones with a terrible corporate culture, where an employee is not even respected. In what I was saying I didn’t mean that the CEO or anyone at a level so high cares about individual employees any more than a politician cares about individual citizens. More that in their process of making the company prosper and make money, we are more likely to benefit than we are from politicians’ promises. E.g. a company that reached its targets will in most cases offer bonuses to its employees, will pay higher corporate tax etc. There is not equivalent of that in the world of high level politics.


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