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Love Your Body Monday: Confessions of a Fashion-phobic

Clothes have always existed in my life. I do not live in a climate warm enough to do without them. But they’ve never been in any way central to my life. I used to just put clothes on, ones that were mostly bought for me by my mom. When I got older, I obviously started buying more clothes myself, but there were more misses than hits. I still have a wardrobe littered with those fashion mistakes.

The thing is, I don’t hate clothes. I’d have to be some extreme nudist for that to hold true. But I am ever so slightly allergic to fashion. If someone tells me ‘oh, purple is so in this season, you should wear that top more’, it makes me want to not wear purple for the next 2 years. Just to be on the safe side.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve nothing against people who are fascinated by fashion. It’s a hobby like any other. But walking around with the same handbag as every other girl in the street, or wearing identically shaped dress as a quarter of the people in my maths lecture just makes me shiver. A dress that doesn’t even look good on 90% of regular sized girls, because the designer found it easier to make something for a size 0 model than whatever would look good on the majority of the female population.

I’m sorry, I think I’m too much of an individual for that. Or too stubborn. Or maybe I just don’t want some guy in Milan to tell me what I should be wearing.

But now the time has come. Clothes have become more important, and a few months ago I started giving what I buy more thought. However, I am a serial planner and if I don’t plan something out properly, it just doesn’t work. And up until now, I haven’t properly planned my fashion revolution. Because of that my emotions upon opening the wardrobe have not improved. There are piles of clothes in there. Ones I don’t want to wear.

They’re either too tight, not tight enough, colours I don’t feel comfortable in, old-but-not-yet-falling-apart, making me look bad, showing too much or too little, or nice but not fitting anymore because I gained weight/my boobs have grown/my hips widened/my body womanised. And even though I’ve piles of clothes, I’ve very few I actually want to put on.

Every skirt worse than the previous one…. (They’re all gone now, btw). 

So here I am, at 22, starting a quest to find my own style. One that will allow me to both look and feel amazing. Express my personality. Highlight the good parts of my physique and hide the not so perfect ones.

Although clothes are not the most important thing in my life, I do wear them almost 24/7. I think they deserve a bit more thought that I’ve been giving them so far. I also feel that I deserve to be happy in what I wear, to just look in the mirror and smile at my expression.

The first step is behind me. I’ve spent the whole Saturday sorting through all of my clothes. I put them into 3 piles: ‘stay’, ‘go’ and ‘I don’t know’. Then I tried on everything from the ‘I don’t know’ pile (and moved majority of it to the ‘go’ pile). My wardrobe is currently less than half the size it was a few days ago. It made me feel so much better about my clothes, but you know, I’m still not entirely happy with it. It’s still not my perfect wardrobe. But unless I win a lottery, that’s not going to happen overnight.

So I have devised a little plan of action for finding my own style. A ten point guide for my search. And I’ll share it with you. Because that makes it official, an unbreakable vow, and all that, right?

Style Change Rule Book

  1. I like statement shoes and bags, and I will stick to thatIt’s something that makes me happy, is very me, and it’s one of the elements that will survive the revolution. Because, you know, why would you give up the love for something as beautiful as these…
  2. I don’t really like patterns muchOther than polka dots and classic black/navy/blue and white stripes, I prefer my clothes to be plain and one-coloured. However, I currently have a fair number of tops with writing on them, or otherwise not plain, and I can see that I don’t feel like wearing them as much. Therefore, from now on I want to stick to plain, polka dots or stripes.
  3. I need a bit of an accessory boostI don’t like jewellery. I’d be surprised if I suddenly started liking it. I don’t want to force myself to wear something I don’t enjoy, this revolution is about making me happy, after all. But I’d like to wear more scarves. As I acquire more plain clothes, brightly coloured scarves will liven up my outfits.
  4. I want my wardrobe to be consistentAlthough if I like pants with flowers on them, there’s nothing stopping me from buying them, I would like to focus on getting more clothes in my favourite colours. Ones that I feel best in. I have identified them as: (navy) blue, peach, grey, yellow and white. As they also tend to go well together, I should find it easier to put together half decent outfits, even when I’m half asleep.
  5. I want to wear dresses moreI really love dresses and I have quite a few of them. However, I usually save them for bigger occasions, as if every single day wasn’t worth celebrating with a lovely outfit. Therefore I’d like to have more dresses that don’t scream ‘office wear!”. And wear them more often. To push myself a bit towards achieving it, I have undertaken a ‘100 days without trousers’ challenge. The aim is to, in as short a period of time as possible, spend 100 days wearing dresses or skirts. I’m already 10 days in!
  6. I won’t ditch trainers for heelsI have been there, I have done that. I tried to love heels. I wanted to be this sophisticated girl who effortlessly wears heels to uni. Well, that didn’t quite work out. I’m no Blair Waldorf (although who wouldn’t want to marry Chuck Bass… just don’t tell Mr Arguably Honest!), I don’t have a limo following me around the city. I walk. And heels aren’t really walking shoes, let’s face it. So I will stop trying to force myself into those torture instruments and stick to my trusted trainers. Because a girl can’t conquer the world in uncomfy shoes.
  7. I will value quality over quantityThis means waving goodbye to Primark and the likes. About time! I’m done with clothes that fall apart, shrink or stretch out after washing, lose shape completely, or the colours disappear over time. Honestly, I deserve better. Does it mean I will be able to buy fewer clothes? Definitely. But will I enjoy the ones I do buy more? Definitely. Few things feel better than good, thick, soft cotton.
  8. I will get some decent underwearAnd nightwear. I think the time has come to lose panties with frogs on them, or pyjamas with a washed out giraffe. I don’t really enjoy wearing them, or looking at them in the mirror. It’s time for a bit more lace.
  9. I will own more button down shirtsI really like button down shirts, and I used to wear them loads, yet stopped for some reason. It might be because… I don’t own an iron. Yup. I’m 22, have lived alone for 2 years, and I do not own an iron. I think it’s time to bite the bullet and purchase one, so I don’t feel like I can’t buy shirts. And shirts don’t necessarily mean looking as if I just run away from the City. Just look at these two colourful outfits.
  10. The fact that I already own something similar won’t stop me buying a thing I loveMy mom often stopped me buying things I really liked because ‘I already owned something like that’. Well, I realised, I already have something like that AND want more of it because it’s something I feel good in. And there’s nothing wrong in wanting more of that. If I want to have 4 white shirts and 2 pairs of blue trousers, why shouldn’t I have them?

These are the 10 rules I have decided to follow in my journey to finding my own style. Making my wardrobe really mine. I will report on my progress on the blog and Instagram, maybe even on Facebook, so if you’re interested, do tag along. If you’re wondering about my inspirations, check out my Pinterest board titled ‘Wardrobe Revolution’. All my social media buttons can be found in the upper right corner (on the mobile, you have to open the menu).

Love Your Body Monday is a weekly feature on Arguably Honest about all things that make your body happy. It can be a bit of beauty, fitness, food, fashion, or anything body related. It’s written for anyone who sometimes doesn’t love their body quite enough. But fear not, it’s not all about mineral powder and green smoothies. Don’t know about you, but red lipstick and milk chocolate make me far happier than a bowl of spinach. 

2 thoughts on “Love Your Body Monday: Confessions of a Fashion-phobic”

  1. Who is Chuck Bass and where can I fight him

    In all seriousness, very good post. I think I try to follow a few of these myself. Don’t bother with statement bags or statement anything it seems.

    Enjoyed it!


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