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Don’t be ashamed to show you’re happy!

So I was in one of those Tesco superstores, and I was in a particularly good mood. So I started singing quietly to myself, and doing a little dance, my basket full of avocados (because I’m such a basic bitch) acting as my dancing partner.

And then I realised that no one else around me was singing. And no one was even dancing!

Obviously, that didn’t stop me from enjoying myself.

I knew I wasn’t disturbing anyone, even though I can’t sing for my life, because I was whisper singing. But that was enough to celebrate my good mood.

I often realise how rarely people openly manifest and celebrate their happiness. I mean, when did you last see someone sing in public, without being a busker? Or do a little dance? Or hop around like a bunny?

jordan whitt
Or jump the puddles? Photo by Jordan Whitt

Honestly, I can’t recall, mostly because I can’t really see myself doing this stuff.

People, why aren’t you celebrating more???

If I am happy today, I want to milk it. Really. I want to get every last drop out of this happiness I’m experiencing. I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. I might wake up with a stomach ache and feel bad all day. Or something worse might happen, making today the last day of happiness before weeks of sadness. I know. Sounds grim.

I want this blog to be a very positive space. That’s why I might come across as someone who is always happy. I’m not. I’ve had times in my life where there was no joy for weeks at a time. I’m grateful for those times, because they taught me to appreciate being happy.

Life is too short to contain your happiness. It’s one of the few things that multiply when we share them. I do my best not to hide the fact that I’m happy. I let it flow freely, and spill out onto the street. I truly believe that good mood can be contagious.

If that sounds selfish to you, because I shouldn’t rub my happiness in the face of people who aren’t happy then… well, carry on not enjoying your happiness.

Because you don’t even realise how many times I made people smile with my slightly quirky behaviour. And how many times someone made me smile when I was having a terrible day, because they were enjoying themselves. My day was instantly made better.

So I skip around the office, if only I feel like it, in my dress and trainers, because I like how my dress is dancing around me when I do it.

And I sing under my breath in a Tesco Superstore, even though I know I can’t sing (I’ve been told as much by a woman trying to recruit people for a choir). Sometimes because some song is a crazy ear worm, but mostly because it just describes my mood, or something I want to be doing that day.

I dance when I hear dance-y music. Or when I sing. I have done that in the street. In the office. Working behind the reception desk. As a waitress, while I put all the plates down (Health and Safety comes first, right?). A few days ago I stood in front of a mirror, dancing to this song (just in the original version), stark naked, and just enjoying myself.

I play peekaboo with random kids I come by. At the airport, in a park, while shopping. Most of them tag along. Nothing more satisfying than making a toddler smile a toothless grin.

And I walk around with a smile on my face, whenever I feel like it. I smile at strangers. I smile at dogs. I smile at the fact that tree leaves suddenly have 3 colours instead of one when the sun is shining.

If you’re thinking it’s not for you, it’s out of your comfort zone, it’s not ‘normal’ (and you know what I think about being normal), just give it a go once. Just try to smile at a stranger. Or do a little dance in the park. And even if someone looks at you strangely, so what? It’s them who have a problem, not you! Look around a bit further. You’re sure to find someone who’s smiling. Congratulations, you’ve just made someone’s day a little bit better.

Header photo by Edu Lauton 

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