I’m a grown adult!

It’s a bit of a saying we have going on, Mr Arguably Honest and I. If I ask him whether I should eat a massive slice of red velvet cake, I’m very likely to hear that I can do whatever I want because I am a grown adult.

And you know what, it’s so totally true.

Of course, I have to earn money to feed myself and buy myself some cool new clothes, but other than that, I am free to do whatever I want.

I don’t know if your parents did that to you when you were a kid, mine actually didn’t, but I often heard from other people’s parents, or on tv, that they would go back to school if they could. I don’t know about you, but that’s the last thing I’d like to happen.

When I was a kid, I couldn’t…

…Have chocolate for dinner

…Walk around in pyjamas all day

…Watch tv till wee hours of the morning

…Skip school (and I now can skip lectures!)

…Spend money on stupid stuff, like a face mask in a panda-shaped jar

Being a kid is so damn overrated!

Ok, I know, whatever I do now is on me. But remember that scary moment when your parents went to a parent-teacher conference and, even if you didn’t do anything bad, there was still this tinge of dread? I’d rather be told off by my boss than my mom. A far less emotional experience. And I can always complain to my mom if my boss tells me off. Win win.

So I will take being a grown adult over being a teenager any day! With the chocolate, and pyjamas, and tv till late!


I don’t do any of this…

Ok, maybe I suck at enjoying being a grown adult after all… I will consider that over a slice of a lemon drizzle I baked myself. On a Friday evening. Instead of partying my ass off…

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