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Do you honestly love burgers?

It was November 2014. I had just moved to the UK for the second time (my first time was a failed attempt at being an Oxford student, which you can read more about here), and I was actively looking for a job. Given that the only education I had was a high school diploma (albeit with high grades) and the only work experience – 2 months at my uncle’s grocery store, I wasn’t exactly being chased by head hunters. Not that I’m being chased now.

Either way, I was applying for entry level jobs left, right and centre, without much success. I mean, I don’t blame them, I’m not sure I’d hire myself either. One of the companies that gave me a chance and invited me for an interview was Honest Burgers. The interview went well enough, and I was asked to come in for a trial day. That day taught me two things – one was that I never wanted to be a waitress again, the other, that rosemary goes very well with chips. Because at the end of my trial shift (after I managed to convince the manager to give me a job that I later turned down. Logic.) I was allowed to have anything from the menu. I chose the Honest, because that kind of made sense, right? The burger was fine, a solid burger, but didn’t blow my socks off.

But the chips. Oh. The. Chips.

They’re crunchy, greasy in just the way you want your chips to be, with just the right amount of salt and rosemary. Those chips were a dream.

I haven’t ventured into Honest Burgers for almost 2 years after, but I have remembered the chips. Truly, they were unforgettable. When Honest Burgers started preparing to open a branch on Tottenham Court Road, close to Mr AH’s university, the desire to have their chips rekindled in me. So one day in October, after a failed attempt to have lunch at the Breakfast Club (if you ever tried to get into the Soho branch you know that it requires admirable patience and heaps of free time), we ended up having lunch at the Soho branch of Honest Burgers instead.

God, was it love at second sight… ummm.. taste. Well, first for Mr Arguably Honest. After that we were hooked.


First of all, chips come with the burger. No need to pay extra. Honest believe (quite rightly) that chips are a indispensable part of the burger experience. Second of all, you can see that they’re not exactly skimpy with the amount, there are a lot of chips on your plate. And, as I’ve already said, that’s a very good thing because they’re bloody delicious. Mr AH and I always start our Honest date by digging into the chips. The burger can wait.

The burger Mr AH and I always go for is the Honest. It’s a real classic. A beef patty, slice of cheese, bacon, red onion relish, pickled cucumber, lettuce. Everything you could want from a burger. It’s there. It’s tasty. It’s made well. It’s honest.

Not really sure how much can be said about a burger. This one is a really good one. Quite simply. They have other ones, too, and every month there’s a different special. There’s also a chicken option, and a vegetarian one (which is meant to be very good, too). They have a gluten free bun option. Their homemade lemonade is also definitely worth trying, as it’s very well balanced, not too acidic, not too sweet. From past experience, I know how tough it can be to balance a lemonade, so kudos to Honest for always getting it right.


If you’re a student, I wholeheartedly recommend heading to the Tottenham Court Road branch with your friend/significant other who is also a student, as you can have a burger and a drink each for £15 in total. That’s more than a bargain for what you get.

One other thing is that the service is of high standard, and the servers (mostly), very nice. On our first visit, we have met a lovely server, Ashley, who took amazing care of us, so I emailed Honest Burgers to let them know how happy I was with the service I received. Their reply made me smile.


So if you’re in London, and looking for a good, affordable meal (£10.5 for a burger and chips, I call that a good deal), and you love burgers, I urge you to give Honest Burgers a try. Even if the burger doesn’t blow your socks off, I’m sure the chips will.

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