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Things to do in London: Sky Garden

You might or might not remember that one of the goals I set myself back in September was to learn to love London. I have to admit, I’ve been slacking a bit on this one, mostly because Mr Arguably Honest and I are massive lazy bums, and can’t be bothered to do much on Sundays (the only day of the week we can do our explorations on). Also because it’s hard to love a city that makes you endure the hell that is Central Line at rush hours (don’t attempt if you don’t have to).

However, a while ago we decided to finally make a stab at liking London by visiting a place neither of us has been to before – the Sky Garden. Sky Garden is located at the top of a building affectionately called ‘the walkie-talkie’, in the centre of London, so easy enough to get to. It’s a short walk from a number of tube stations, which is always a bonus, because you have a good choice of lines to take there. But what’s the best thing about it is that it’s free. I know, right? Who would have thought, something free to do in London! (heavy sarcasm intended)

If possible, I recommend you try to visit on a non-rainy day, but since it’s London and you have to book your visit in advance, it can be hard to foresee the weather. Maybe just don’t go in the Autumn/Winter/Spring/Summer. ;) It was raining during our visit, and the outside terrace was closed, but it was still really cool. We went on a weekday, as getting tickets on the weekend can be a real pain, as they get snatched up real quick (I recently tried to book tickets for 2 weeks away, there wasn’t a single one).

The main reason to visit the Sky Garden is the view. Apparently just as good as from the Shard, with the added benefit of not costing you £30+ (or whatever the tickets for the Shard are now), and you actually can see the Shard, which is a more exciting view than the walkie-talkie, so win-win. Though I can actually see the Shard from my statistics tutorials. Joys of studying at the brink of the City.



It was a gloomy day, but what can you do. Made for a very London-esque landscape.

Another cool thing about the Sky Garden is that there is just soooooo much greenery. I guess the name should have tipped me off, it is called a Sky Garden for a reason, but I didn’t really expect it to be quite so nice.

Almost a jungle!

I don’t know about you, but I really like it when there’s a lot of green. I have grown up in a city, but one with some crazy number of trees, including a few lurking into my bedroom window, so moving to London has got me suffering from greenery withdrawal symptoms (I don’t live close to any of the London parks). Which means I get excited at the sight of the smallest piece of grass. Sky Garden satisfied the chlorophyll junkie in me, with loads of benches to sit among all the green stuff and enjoy. It’s sort of like a botanic garden under a roof, which is as perfect as it gets in England. Though I’ve been told by a friend that Barbican has a great garden as well, so we might explore it sometime soon (I say soon, I mean in the next decade).

Overall, the Sky Garden gets a big thumbs up from me. It’s green, the views are great, it has bars/cafes so you can drink/eat something while you’re there (though they’re not exactly on the cheap side, mind you), it’s free to visit, and there are nice places to sit and enjoy the view. You could even just grab a book, sit among the plants and have a good view of the Tower Bridge. Definitely worthy of the Arguably Honest stamp of approval.

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