Same look, new life. The Arguably Honest relaunch.

Arguably Honest came to life a little over a year ago. A year and a month to be (almost) exact. I was in the middle of the (very entertaining) revision for my Financial Mathematics and Business Statistics module, and looking for a way to procrastinate. As you do. I felt that I desperately needed (I tend to ‘desperately’ need things when there is studying to do) a place on the internet where I could write about anything I bloody wanted.

After a few minutes of discussion with Mr Arguably Honest, the name Arguably Honest was born. Starting the blog took a few more. And there I was. A blogger! Ok, hardly my first blog, but who cares. I was excited. It felt great to be starting something new. It felt right.

I spent the whole summer churning out post after post, and if you followed the blog over the course of the past year, or ever wandered around the older posts, you know that finding  a theme for this collection of thoughts would be a difficult task. Posts have ranged from beauty reviews to tips on packing your bag for university, to tips on planning your week, to jolly musings about why you shouldn’t be afraid to be happy.

I have to admit, writing all of those brought me loads of fun. Seriously. I love writing. I’m also (overly) opinionated, so I can more or less produce a post on any topic. The year of writing for Arguably Honest has been enjoyable, even though the posts weren’t appearing as regularly as I would have liked to in the past few months.

However, many things have changed in the past year, and the very random ‘everything goes’ (you couldn’t really call it ‘lifestyle’) theme gradually stopped working for me. You know, a really big thing happened in my life. Something that has always been at the back of my mind as a thing I would like to do one day in the distant, nondescript future.

I started writing a novel. And didn’t give up after the first few weeks!


23 October 2016 marks the day when I put the first words in the Word document and, slowly, gradually, week after week, month after month, helped the stories of my characters unwrap. As of today, I have written over 70,000 words. It feels so huge. It feels amazing, surreal almost. Writing the novel was one of the things that stopped me investing more time into Arguably Honest – I was simply so damn excited to be writing fiction, and not just a short story, and actual novel, all by myself, that writing a blog became somewhat secondary.

That made me realise something important:

If you woke me up in the middle of the night and asked what the most important thing in my life is, I would undoubtedly say that it is writing.

And that led me to think ‘Hey, why don’t you make Arguably Honest about writing?’.

Trust me, it wasn’t an easy decision. Because, come on, writing about writing? What’s that? Writing inception? Writing squared? It literally took weeks of thinking, weighing my options, considering what would be best for me and for the blog. Because I was a tad attached to the idea of a free-flowing stream of randomness that this blog has become. But I also realised that I don’t like blogs that don’t have any theme. So why the fuck was I writing one like that myself? Lack of direction was becoming to annoy me. I began to need it, crave it.

Therefore, I took the executive decision to give Arguably Honest a clear sense of direction.

It will be about writing.

It will be about books.

It will be about staying organised enough to actually put any words on the page.

It will be about writers, big and small.

It will be about my writing journey.

It might even be about grammar (I sort of really like English grammar).

And an occasional snippet from my life, or a random piece of randomness that you’re used to reading here, if I feel that I totally have to comment on some pressing issue. Like the permanent shortage of Lactofree mature cheddar in my local Morrisons ;).

Are you excited? Because I sure as hell am!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been reading what came from under my colourful fingers during the past year. I am always so happy to hear you’re enjoying what I write.

I hope that you will stay with the new and improved Arguably Honest. I promise it will be worth it.

If you are looking for ways to keep up with Arguably Honest, here they are: 

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  2. On Facebook – follow Arguably Honest at this link
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