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What’s happening with Arguably Honest?

This blog has been silent for the past, well, almost 4 months, save for one or two odd posts. Which, I’m very much aware, is precisely not how you run a blog.

When you’re writing a blog that you care about, you’re meant to post regularly. Spend your time researching blog post. Interact with your readers on social media. Think of how to conquer the world with your amazing ideas. Maybe even monetise it and spend the rest of your youth typing away on your shiny MacBook, sitting in your perfect silk pyjamas in your perfectly white bedding, with a cup of a perfect latte from your fancy coffee machine (hyperlinked with an affiliate link, because it needs to pay for itself, right?).

I’m so totally doing it wrong…

I first started this blog as a creative outlet. At the time, I needed to get back into writing, and I needed it fast, and I needed it to be on my own terms.

So I started the blog, and spent the summer typing away at my keyboard. A flurry of blog posts followed.

And I loved it.

Then came a year when I sort of lost steam. I had fewer ideas and, more importantly, I had less time. So the blog suffered, but I was still somewhat active.

Then I got another surge of creative energy, and I rebranded Arguably Honest as a blog about writing, and I still think that was the right choice. Writing about books and writing brought me a lot of happiness, and was a lot of fun.

But then, well, life happened. First, it was a full-time, energy-draining internship. Then I was on holiday, recovering from the energy-draining internship. And then flat hunting, because I needed to move out of the shithole that I had called home for the previous year. And then my real life started again.

And although I know that there are people out there who have full time jobs, three kids, five dogs, volunteer and have a very successful blog (or rather, I suspect there are people like that, because I’ve yet to meet them), my life somehow doesn’t seem to contain any space for the blog. Between third year classes (some of which seem to complicate more than they explain), my dissertation (in Finance…), working part time, generally taking care of myself (those undies ain’t gonna wash themselves, sadly), and the endless commuting, finding time for the blog has proven near impossible.

Does it mean I stopped writing?

No, it doesn’t, because writing is life and writing is happiness and I still absolutely, fully intend to make a living from writing in the future.

But I had to prioritise. As much as I would love to focus on the blog and the book, which are things I really enjoy, I, sadly, have to focus on things like Strategy for Business. Which, as you may have guessed, I really don’t enjoy. But those things matter for my degree, and my degree matters to me. Not to mention that it will cost me an arm and a leg in interest payments, so I might as well get something out of it, but that’s a topic for another conversation.

With all the work I have to do in a week (both the one that I’m paid to do and the one that I pay to have to do), and also having at least some teeny tiny amount of free time, there’s only so much time that I can devote to writing, and also only so much energy.

I know it all sounds like I’m making excuses for myself. That’s because… I sort of am.

Because, to live at peace with myself, I had to excuse myself from trying to pull off multiple writing projects, and allow myself to channel my energy into the project that I love that little bit more, enjoy that little bit more. The one that matters that little bit more.

And that project is my book.

God, do I love my book. Writing it makes me so happy, and allows me to do what I love the most – write fiction. Because no matter how much I love this blog, and my job, I am, and always have been, primarily a fiction writer. Fiction is my natural habitat. Telling stories is in my nature. I love it. I live it. I breathe it.

And every milestone I hit with my book makes me just so happy. A few days ago I reached 100,000 words, and it was such a deeply satisfying moment.



That’s why I made the difficult decision to suspend my activity on Arguably Honest for the time being. 

I would love to tell you when I will be back, and that I will be back, but I currently can’t. There might be a new post here next week if I’m suddenly struck by a bit of inspiration. Or you might wait two months. Or six.

Or a year.

All I can tell you right now is that I want to be back. I want to write for Arguably Honest again. And I hope this hiatus will be as short as possible, but I’m also aware that all of the things stopping me from writing the blog will not disappear overnight. They will be around until late May at least, unfortunately (can you tell that I can’t bloody wait to graduate?). And I just have to live through it and carry on writing my book. And hope that when I decide to come back, some of you will still want to read. That’s all any writer can really hope for, right? (I also hope that you will want to read  my book when it’s nice and shiny on a shelf in Foyles on Charing Cross Road. I love that Foyles)

At the same time, I’m still active on social media. Or at least somewhat active, mostly on Twitter and Instagram. So if you still love Arguably Honest, and want to keep up with me and my boring little life, I wholeheartedly recommend you follow me there.

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Until next time, good people, and don’t forget about me!

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