Welcome to Arguably Honest! It’s nice to have you here.

My name is Gaby and I’m the person behind all the amazing posts on this site.

I’m guessing you came to this page because you want to find out more about Arguably Honest and myself.

About Arguably Honest 

I started Arguably Honest in May 2016 as, well, a procrastination tool in the middle of my first year exams.

Arguably Honest is a blog about my biggest life passion – writing. Yes, I really write about writing. I also write about books, authors and all the other amazing things related to putting words onto an empty page. Such as grammar (apologies if you don’t think grammar is amazing, I do). It’s a blog for writers, those who are only starting out and those who need a bit of motivation or a writing buddy, but also for people who simply love books and reading.

If you’ve stumbled upon any of my posts that were written pre-June 2017, you might be wondering what happened there, since there was hardly anything about writing and books. Initially, the blog was theme-less, with posts about anything my heart desired at the time. This changed in June 2017, when I relaunched the blog with a brand new and shiny theme.

You can learn more about the relaunch from this post https://arguablyhonest.com/2017/06/05/same-look-new-life-the-arguably-honest-relaunch/  

About the author

I’m 23 years old, and I live, work and study in London, a city I’m (very) slowly growing to like.

I have been writing (on and off), for around 13-14 years, which sounds totally surreal given my age, but is also totally true! Short stories, fan fiction, school newspaper articles, blogs, social media content – you name it, I probably wrote it at some point in my life. Except poetry. Never got poetry, very likely that I never will.

I’m soon going to start my third year of a Business Studies degree, I also work part-time as a Marketing Assistant, which allows me to, effectively, pay my bills with writing. Which is so totally awesome. On top of that, I am currently working on my (absolutely amazing) debut novel, writing this blog and watching way too much Netflix. I also recently started exercising again, and believe that nothing beats Zumba at making a girl sweat with a smile still plastered on her face.


I hope you’re enjoying Arguably Honest, and that you will stay with me for a while.


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