My winter favourites

Ok. Officially it's still winter for a few more days. But when you're strolling through London in your spring/autumn jacket (and you're too warm when it's zipped up), and with sun shining in your eyes, the last thing you think about is winter. Screw the calendar. It's most definitely spring to me! I would like… Continue reading My winter favourites

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Love Your Body Monday: How to choose make up brushes

When you're just starting out on your make up journey, it's sometimes hard to know where to save and where to splurge - the base? the lipsticks? the brushes? How to fill your make up bag without wasting your hard earned cash (or pocket money)?  These are really hard question to answer. There are so many products… Continue reading Love Your Body Monday: How to choose make up brushes

Beauty Parlour

Dear Clarisonic…

Dear Clarisonic, I had high hopes for our relationship. Before I bought you, I read numerous reviews, just to make sure that we could have a future together. I was sure we would. I was dreaming about you joining my beauty routine for weeks, if not months. When my parents offered to contribute towards buying… Continue reading Dear Clarisonic…