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How I survived on £900 a month in London

Sound impossible, right? It near enough is, when you can't live with your boyfriend, and don't want to share a room with some stranger (Jesus Christ, never, ever, just no. I'm an only child and enjoy walking around naked. Enough said.). During my second year away from education I somehow got myself into a terribly… Continue reading How I survived on £900 a month in London

Away from the Desk

Things to do in London: Sky Garden

You might or might not remember that one of the goals I set myself back in September was to learn to love London. I have to admit, I've been slacking a bit on this one, mostly because Mr Arguably Honest and I are massive lazy bums, and can't be bothered to do much on Sundays… Continue reading Things to do in London: Sky Garden

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Do you honestly love burgers?

It was November 2014. I had just moved to the UK for the second time (my first time was a failed attempt at being an Oxford student, which you can read more about here), and I was actively looking for a job. Given that the only education I had was a high school diploma (albeit… Continue reading Do you honestly love burgers?

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Affordable beauty in London

The words affordable and London very rarely coexist in a single sentence, which really is quite sad, given that not all of us are multimillionaires (quite the contrary, most of us aren't). Being a student here, even one with a decent salary (or a good deal with the Bank of Mom and Dad), really isn't easy at times,… Continue reading Affordable beauty in London