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Writing on holiday – yay or nay?

A few weeks ago Mr Arguably Honest and I went on a short holiday to Portugal. As most writers probably do, I took my writing tool (a.k.a. my laptop) with me. I mean, why wouldn't I take it. After all, I was going on holiday. I expected there would be plenty of time to write… Continue reading Writing on holiday – yay or nay?


#StoryOfMyLife: Lost in Oxford

It was December afternoon. Not late enough to be described as evening, but already dark. As it is in December. My first time visiting Oxford. It was before the days of having GoogleMaps on my phone, days before free roaming. The year was 2012. Feels like a lifetime ago now. I had a simple enough… Continue reading #StoryOfMyLife: Lost in Oxford

Writing Advice

How to handle multiple writing projects like a pro

A few days ago realisation hit me - I am lucky enough to be spending 6 days a week writing. I guess that makes me a full-time writer... Ok, it doesn't, especially as only 3 of those days are paid. But across those days, I have to handle multiple writing projects, and it can be… Continue reading How to handle multiple writing projects like a pro