(Pop)culture in real life

What 3 years with Gossip Girl taught me

It sometimes feels like it's only been a few weeks since the last Gossip Girl episode has aired. Then I realise it's been over 4 years and start to feel old...I started watching it just before season 3 started, and got sucked in instantly. I totally binged it - I think my longest day was… Continue reading What 3 years with Gossip Girl taught me

(Pop)culture in real life

What 11 seasons of Bones have taught me

I am a bit of a TV show addict. I got hooked on great tv in primary school, which is when I fell in love with med dramas - first ER (which caused me to have hots for George Clooney ever since), then Grey's Anatomy, which I'm still faithful to 13 seasons on (and counting). I… Continue reading What 11 seasons of Bones have taught me


Let the kids be kids

A few days ago I decided to watch some TV while having breakfast. It is summertime, though, so morning TV is even worse than usual. Seriously, not even a good breakfast programme... Like, come on, not everyone is on holidays, some of us need a bit of entertainment with our porridge. I digress. Anyway, I… Continue reading Let the kids be kids

(Pop)culture in real life

The best TV shows I’ve ever seen and why you should watch them too

I am not partial to a good TV show. Guilty as charged. I love a bit of high quality TV and I can't help it. I've watched LOADS of shows in my life, more than I can count to, most likely, but here are 9 (because most such lists have 10 things and I don't like being boring) that I fell head over heels for and, in some cases, watched and rewatched many times over. With some quotes thrown in to encourage you to watch. ;)