Learn to love London and other goals for this year

If you're a true grown up, not a pretend one like myself, you're probably thinking that I'm either 3 months too early or 9 months too late with my new year resolutions. (If this thought makes you want to buy me a calendar, I will gladly accept your gift, thank you very much. ;)) But I'm still… Continue reading Learn to love London and other goals for this year

Organised Writer

How to plan your week

In my recent blog post, about how I achieved great grades without working all that much, I mentioned that being organised is one of the biggest keys to my success. That post was actually incredibly well received (so far, it's been read over 200 times!), so thank you very much, guys! Due to its popularity,… Continue reading How to plan your week

Change is good

Ultimate goals in life

If I asked you today if you have any goals in life, I'd probably struggle to find a single person who doesn't. We want to get into university, to finish university, find a job, get a car, have children, or buy a new antique tea set. These are everyday goals we all have. Even if… Continue reading Ultimate goals in life