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Things to do in London: Sky Garden

You might or might not remember that one of the goals I set myself back in September was to learn to love London. I have to admit, I've been slacking a bit on this one, mostly because Mr Arguably Honest and I are massive lazy bums, and can't be bothered to do much on Sundays… Continue reading Things to do in London: Sky Garden

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My little list of places to visit

There a few things I really enjoy in life, and travelling is one of them. Visiting new places, learning about little quirks of different cultures, trying out new foods - all extremely exciting. In my travels so far I haven't really ventured outside of Europe (apart from Turkey and Tunisia, but neither of them is… Continue reading My little list of places to visit

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Do you honestly love burgers?

It was November 2014. I had just moved to the UK for the second time (my first time was a failed attempt at being an Oxford student, which you can read more about here), and I was actively looking for a job. Given that the only education I had was a high school diploma (albeit… Continue reading Do you honestly love burgers?

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11 Tips for Stress-free Flying

Although no airline has yet labeled me a frequent flyer (and I am faaaaar away from that), I definitely am a regular at the airport. When you fly often, you develop little habits to speed up certain processes and, in general, make your life easier. Because some cruel person decided that flights between London and… Continue reading 11 Tips for Stress-free Flying

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The Brighton Adventures

For the past few months I have been on a really intense streak of juggling work, university and some sort of a social life (which usually involved Mr Arguably Honest, food and Netflix, but hey, whatever works, right?). Even though I really like both my job and degree, I was in dire need of some… Continue reading The Brighton Adventures