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How I survived on £900 a month in London

Sound impossible, right? It near enough is, when you can't live with your boyfriend, and don't want to share a room with some stranger (Jesus Christ, never, ever, just no. I'm an only child and enjoy walking around naked. Enough said.). During my second year away from education I somehow got myself into a terribly… Continue reading How I survived on £900 a month in London

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New Year, Old Me.

The 2016 summaries have been popping up on various blogs over the past fortnight or so, but I didn't want to sum up the year before it actually finished. As Polish people say, Don't praise the day before sunset. This means I'm a bit late to the New Year party. Who cares. 2016 was a truly crappy… Continue reading New Year, Old Me.

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4.5 years with a Kindle – review

*Just to make things clear - this review is in no way endorsed by Amazon, I have never been asked by them to do it, and although I did receive my Kindle for free, it was from my parents, not a multibillion dollar corporation. So my opinion is honest and biased only by my love for… Continue reading 4.5 years with a Kindle – review

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How to pack for uni without getting a back injury

The idea for this post came to me while I was coming back home from uni, carrying a massive handbag full of god only knows what, with two bags full of groceries on top of that (because I'm super intelligent and went to Morissons on my way home). While clenching my teeth, trying to convince myself I'm… Continue reading How to pack for uni without getting a back injury

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How I ended up in top 10% of my year without studying in the evenings

A little while ago I had a very nice surprise - an email from my university saying that I have finished the year in the top 10% of my cohort. I was a little bit surprised, but also very happy with myself. Because, you know, I'm not really a person who spends all days in… Continue reading How I ended up in top 10% of my year without studying in the evenings

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Don’t be ashamed to show you’re happy!

So I was in one of those Tesco superstores, and I was in a particularly good mood. So I started singing quietly to myself, and doing a little dance, my basket full of avocados (because I'm such a basic bitch) acting as my dancing partner. And then I realised that no one else around me… Continue reading Don’t be ashamed to show you’re happy!

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Long Distance Relationships – survival guide

I could definitely call myself a long distance relationship veteran. I have gone through both long distance friendships, and long distance relationships. But that was all when I was a teenager, who has grown up in the digital age. It seemed quite natural to have friends across the country or across the world. Until I… Continue reading Long Distance Relationships – survival guide